Kopac Adventure is stand of “Cilegon Natural Enforcement Corps” is a heterogeneous nature activist community, formed on March 10, 2014 in Baja Cilegon City. With the background of various members ranging from students, lecturers and even ordinary people.

Kopac Adventure at the beginning of its establishment is based on the similarity of hobby, vision and mission of each member, on the basis of similarity hobby that kopac adventure transformed into a solid heterogeneous community. Until now in our third year, our hospitality is closer together.

The hobby activities of Kopac Adventure members are climbing the mountain, along the island and cave, in addition we also do social activities. We then have an idea for our group to be formed a structured community, which means having an official stewardship system from the person in charge, the chairman, the sections to the members.

We are open to friends or relatives who want to join, either group or just join the activity.


Let’s keep our nature together, God Gives nature to be controlled not for exploitation, rests on just the right we step on. Take only what is worth taking.